How to avoid jet lag?

by Laura Falls on 22 Oct 2014

There are several different theories to combat jet lag including stretching, staying hydrated or sucking on a slice of lemon.

Jet lag is caused by a mistimed body clock and jet lag symptoms include fatigue, sleepiness, impaired judgement, memory lapses and irritability.

So how can you avoid jet lag on your next trip?

Light therapy is a proven method to re-time the body clock and to beat jet lag.

Re-Timer emits a green wavelength of light proven to be effective at supressing melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone produced in our brain which makes us feel tried. Our levels of melatonin vary in a 24-hour cycle and usually increase at night however this is not always the case when we travel internationally.

When we travel across time zones our body doesn’t know whether to be awake or asleep. While our bodies are capable of this adjustment, it takes between 3 and 7 days and during this adjustment period our bodies experience jet lag symptoms.

Re-Timer suppresses melatonin so it should be used at the time of day when you want to delay or stop tiredness – in the evening if travelling from London to New York or first thing for trips from London to Asia.

To adjust your body clock more quickly to your destination environment wear Re-Timer for 30 minutes for a couple of days before you leave and then a few days after arriving. This eliminates the sudden change experienced after flying, reduces jet lag symptoms and will decrease the length of the jet lag experience enabling you to overcome jet lag quickly.

More information on how to avoid jet lag can be found here.

To work out the best time of day to wear Re-Timer so that can avoid jet lag on your next trip, use our complimentary jet lag calculator.